Talent Management Solutions

Seekcareerz.com is conceived, established and run by thoroughbred professionals from a Human Resources background, who had been associated with top notch global corporates in staffing and recruitment.

SeekCareerz offers straightforward yet vital way to deal with streamlining your Human Resources Management. We have the general population, procedures and innovation you have to help change worldwide Human Resources administration.


An adjusted Talent to Strategy permits you to perceive how each of your colleague is adding to your bigger business. With SeekCareerz' help, your firm can actualize compelling Talent Management techniques that will help your business and individuals scale new statures. Wehelp you build up your kin so both of you can become together and make the most out of your possibilities.

Helping you find, develop, adjust and keep your representatives.

  • Expanded enlisting speed and enhances hopeful fulfillment
  • Fortifies business mark
  • Diminish cost, hazard and managerial weight.
  • Better screening and choice apparatuses and practices.
  • Learning administration empowers faster ID of potential holes in your group's information and abilities.
  • Successful measure of your group's advance against your organization's bigger vision.
  • Hold your best individuals through proper remuneration administration.
  • Great progression administration with arranged and a systematized procedure of managing authoritative change.
  • Enhances whole Human Capital Management


Advantages of a well structure pay review:

  • Elucidates the market and inward incentive for each occupation, and gives an approach to oversee representative pay adequately.
  • Evaluates pay costs and empowers spending choices.
  • Approves remuneration methodology and adjusts to business objectives.
  • Gives an instrument to converse with workers about advancement.
  • Guarantees pay value.
  • Decides pay for non-benchmark employments.
  • Permits simplicity of organization

Where we can offer assistance:

  • Remuneration reasoning.
  • Association wide employment assessments.
  • Outer market examination.

Step 1: Identify Multiple Schedules

  • Gives a method for gathering together different work markets, utilizing a similar arrangement of pay evaluations.
  • Streamlines pay structure.
  • Thought: how complex is your association?

Step 2: Determine Pay Grades

  • There are no settled tenets for each association.
  • Choose what number of evaluations you will have.

Step 3: Develop Ranges

Step 4: Assign Grades to Positions; Adjust for Internal Equity


The word psychometric fundamentally alludes to the estimation of the brain. Not at all like aspects, for example, instruction, abilities, experience, appearance and dependability, the behavioral attributes and identity of a competitor can be substantially more hard to evaluate amid a meeting.

Psychometric testing can quantify various characteristics including insight, basic thinking, inspiration and identity profile. A meeting procedure can be genuinely subjective and despite the fact that businesses will typically survey aptitudes and experience decently precisely, much can at present be left to gut sense in regards to adjusted qualities.


In 1928, Marston distributed Emotions of Normal People, which expounded the Disk hypothesis. Marston saw individuals carrying on along two tomahawks, with their consideration being either inactive or dynamic, contingent upon the individual's impression of his or her condition as either good or adversarial. By setting the tomahawks at right points, four quadrants frame with each depicting a behavioral example.