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Seekcareerz.com is conceived, established and run by thoroughbred professionals from a Human Resources background, who had been associated with top notch global corporates in staffing and recruitment.


Our inventive approach and responsibility to perfection has earned us a great record of setting high gauge experts over an extensive variety of associations worldwide and particularly in MENA area.

We pride ourselves as a debut Official Hunt and Choice association with an ethos of building involved acquaintances with our business accomplices. Our prosperity is borne from our dedication to hit the nail on the head the first run through. We put Quality First and ceaselessly enhance ourselves to rise and remain over the opposition.


We expect to help our customers increment effectiveness and efficiency and lessen exorbitant turnover through a demonstrated orderly enlisting and choice process. SeekCareerz has picked up the notoriety of being one of the business' quickest developing and most solid enlisting assets.

Our customers are world-presumed blue chip organizations and government elements. We realize that each organization is distinctive and each employment one of a kind, so we offer a custom-made way to deal with every task, which genuinely separates us from the opposition. We dispense committed Specialists to comprehend your hierarchical culture, business objectives and key goals.

SeekCareerz conveys a restrictive and broad database to source official and non-official competitors with all levels of understanding.


We give devoted Experts to every task. Each of our Experts completely looks into every association to comprehend the way of life, techniques, advertise needs and prime duties. Our Specialists accompany an inside and out comprehension of the enterprises in which we work.

All Applicants introduced for meeting are pre-met all requirements to guarantee that do they meet the necessities as well as that they are a best fit for your organization and increase the value of your business.



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SeekCareerz utilizes Competency-based hunt and choice framework which is focused on the outcomes expected of a fruitful or commendable entertainer. We move procuring choices far from the exemplary hunch-drove prepare. Rather, our Search and Selection framework gets a specific measure of objectivity, supplanting a great part of the subjectivity of customary appraisals. Applicants are not principally surveyed based upon their goals or sentiments. Or maybe, the fundamental start is that we can foresee how a competitor will carry on in a part later on through an appraisal of their conduct previously. Hopefuls are disheartened from giving general answers and made a request to concentrate on particular occurrences. By analyzing how a hopeful has really moved toward genuine circumstances previously, we can finish up more precisely how they will act again in comparable conditions.

Our framework gives generous avocation to contracting choices. By drawing upon various sources and benefactors, and conglomerating the information drawn from these meetings, the result stops to be an individual's decision (e.g. The Manager likes him because...) and rather turns into an agreement.

Our framework evaluates hopefuls against characterized identity characteristics (abilities) proper to the part being referred to. This measures practices, for example, Adaptability, Working under weight, Managing amid troublesome circumstances, Ability to settle on snap yet solid choices etcetera. Our approach has been logically demonstrated to bring about more proficient pursuit and choice procedures, decreased expenses and more gainful, effective and drew in workers. This can likewise lessen customary preparing times by guaranteeing the choice of candidates who can perform. It likewise increases present expectations on execution, particularly in associations that look for potential model entertainers.