Market Research is conceived, established and run by thoroughbred professionals from a Human Resources background, who had been associated with top notch global corporates in staffing and recruitment.


SeekCareerz Research gives vital, bespoke research to help associations better comprehend their clients, refine their items, and audit their marking and situating. SeekCareerz has been perceived as a top-quality brand, executing imaginative and selective research approaches, with sharp systematic aptitudes and a solid capacity to define key suggestions. Systems which result into best and most prompt effect on your center business


PAPI (paper poll) - an immediate strategy for information gathering with an immediate meeting with a respondent in view of the utilization of a survey on paper. Such meetings are most as often as possible directed in respondents' homes or workplaces and less much of the time in the road. The information gathered along these lines is then coded and entered by analysts into the database.

CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviews) Research with the utilization of the technique for PC - supported phone interviews permits us to actualize extends on huge specimens all around Poland in a brief span (50 positions) with costs lessened in the meantime. We complete B2B and B2C examine and supposition surveys. Because of expert programming, we guarantee proficient completing of meetings and additionally full control and observing of the examination procedure by experienced bosses.

CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview) helped inquire about did in responents' homes with the utilization of our armada of 50 portable workstations situated in all areas. CAPI inquire about controls the meeting better and gives a probability of applying complex channels and varying media components in the poll. Information stream is speedier and more secure - results are coded amid the meeting and field information is sent through a secured association.

CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interview) This is a system utilized as a part of quantitative research which requires Web access to direct meetings with respondents. Having entry to a one of a kind base of e-specialists, we can lead investigate with substantial gatherings of respondents inside a brief timeframe, and to reach even the most particular gatherings of respondents. Web examine likewise permits you to channel and adjust inquiries over the span of directing tests by applying sight and sound arrangements. This sort of research is for the most part utilized for pre-tests and trial of proficiency of promoting efforts or consumer loyalty.

CLT (Central Location Test) includes purchaser tests directed in the demonstrated areas (store, grocery store, uniquely adjusted premises). We give you the likelihood of masterminding premises for shop conditions in 16 capital urban communities of regions; upon extraordinary demand of our clients we likewise orchestrate such places in different urban communities in Poland. Our examination likewise makes it conceivable to test bundling and notices and also different components of an item, similar to taste, notice, appearance. This type of tests has the benefit of offering the likelihood to test a substantial gathering inside a brief span in regular conditions.

HAPI (questionnaire conducted with the use of PDI or palmtops) - an immediate strategy for information accumulation by method for an immediate meeting with a respondent with the utilization of a survey put away in a tablet. Such meetings are most often led in shops, workplaces or in the road. The information gathered thusly is entered instantly into the database and it is accessible for investigation straight after the meeting is finished.

Postal questionnaires - a roundabout strategy for information gathering without individual contact between the respondent and the specialist. Surveys are sent to potential respondents (either by post or by setting them in items) and after that we sit tight for their reaction. This sort of technique is helpful when building client databases.

Log research - a circuitous technique for information gathering utilizing the ethnographic strategy. A respondent gets a survey with an arrangement of inquiries which they fill in all the time for a particular timeframe (it might be filled in day by day, hourly or at some other time interim). The survey might be set up in paper frame or in an electronic adaptation (on an on-line stage).


With the end goal of tackling showcasing issues and settling on the correct choices, we offer painstakingly chose inquire about strategies and systems (subjective research):

Innovativeness workshops are offered when the cooperative energy of encounters, instinct and learning of all gatherings, e.g. specialists, publicizing office, delegates of different offices (deals, advertising, client benefit) permits us to concoct new thoughts for the item and benefits, and to improve thorough learning about shoppers.

Center gathering meeting this procedure, in which respondents in gatherings of 8-10 individuals examine and perform practices associated with a particular showcasing issue, is utilized to test purchasers' inspiration, their states of mind, conclusions about the brand, mark situating and in addition to test new uses of the item and benefits, and to test publicizing and bundling.

Minigroup is a meeting in the gathering of 4-5 individuals. It is utilized when the exploration point is unpredictable and touches upon touchy or individual issues, or requires more noteworthy profundity.

Broadened Group it is a gathering meeting enduring 3-4 hours, utilized when we require time for a long prologue to the point. Such kind of meeting might be unpredictable as far as issues examined, and it might be troublesome for members. An extensive piece of such a meeting is given to innovative procedures, e.g. conceptualizing and performing errands with the utilization of projection strategies.

Dyads - meet with a couple of respondents. It is utilized at whatever point there is a need to go up against sentiments or totally unique states of mind, which moves in respondents a solid need to safeguard their feelings, along these lines giving us rich research material.

Tryads - meet with three respondents. Aside from showdown which is normal for dyads, this strategy likewise considers amass elements.

Individual Depth Interview - it is offered when the exploration target concerns a mind boggling issue. The mediator may then follow an individual prepare of considerations and thinks that its simpler to conform the meeting to individual encounters of the respondent. It is utilized when we mean to test a gathering of specialists in a given field or individuals on high positions, when it is hard to accumulate them together in one place and in the meantime. Moreover, IDI takes into consideration tending to individual, personal or questionable points. Meetings might be led in the place of habitation, work environment or in a studio, and the meeting can be recorded (audio\video recording).

Ethnography - is a kind of research directed in the respondent's indigenous habitat. It is offered to our clients as a method for getting understanding into buyers. For this situation, we utilize perception systems joined by video recordings and photos and additionally a profundity meet in normal conditions. This technique takes into account entering the respondent's reality, finding out about their shopping designs, ways of life and in addition becoming more acquainted with about the working of the brand/item in the purchaser's reality.

Keeping in mind the end goal to get to oblivious sentiments, needs, states of mind, inspirations, and to get comfortable with feelings and silly premises in the realm of discernments and encounters, we utilize non-standard projection procedures which are successful in dispensing with respondents' requirements to express their musings and emotions. The fundamental zones in which Customers are offered projection procedures incorporate finding out about brand personality, inspiration and utilization boundaries, unsatisfied requirements, conditions of utilizing the item, the picture of an average client, the level of unwaveringness/connection, the sort and quality of the connection between the brand and the shopper, the picture of the brand in contrast with rivalry, distinguishing proof of purposes behind picking or dismissing the item.